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The BIG CITY NIGHTS-Quiz – Winners

Our quiz about BIG CITY NIGHTS – The Scorpions Film has ended. The winners were drawn from all participants who answered all the questions correctly.

Winners of one “Scorpions Live in 3D” Blu-ray each are:
Dan Chaitali, India
Scorpions Lover, Bahrain
Ghanmi Iasaid, TunesiaPrizes
Karim Chami, Lebanon
Alexander Libak, Israel

Winners of one ”Comeblack“ album each are:
Isabel Otto, Germany
Eugeny Starostin, Russian Federation

And one signed “Comeblack” album each autographed by the Scorpions goes to:
Hoda Zakaria, Ägypten
Julia Cardoso, Brasilien
Kim Haataja, Finnland
Edgar Angel Balderas Lopez, Mexiko
Hossain Belal, Bangladesh

Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to all our winners!


Film Shoot Comes To An End In Munich


An OB van, 14 cameras, 47 crew members: The personnel and equipment for the last day of shooting BIG CITY NIGHTS in Munich’s Olympiahalle. The Scorpions documentary is a Deutsche Welle production. On the program: What could be the last concert on the hard rock band’s three year farewell tour around the world.

The Munich finale was especially challenging for director Katja von Garnier. She not only sat in the OB van directing the camera cranes, robot cameras, SteadyCams and Polecams. She also shot footage in the backstage area and conducted interviews with the musicians. She’s been accompanying Germany’s most successful rock band for a year and a half now. Earlier stops included Thailand, Russia, England, Belgium, USA, France and Germany. In February, the director will lock herself into an editing suite to finish the film by June.

14,000 fans showed up at the sold-out concert in Munich. For more than two hours, the Scorpions played their biggest hits including “Rock You Like A Hurricane“, “Still Loving You“ and “Wind Of Change“. Front man Klaus Meine has said he’s looking forward to the upcoming documentary film. In early 2010 the musicians announced they would end their career after a three-year world tour. But during the tour they were met with so much good will, and had so much fun touring, they decided to leave a small opening. It looks like the Scorpions will continue playing concerts in 2013 after all…

A Short Report From PopXport On The Ischgl Concert

Scorpions In Ischgl

The Scorpions played a gig for 13,000 fans at the opening of the ski season in Ischgl, Austria – at minus 10 degrees celcius!

More photos of the Scorpions in LA

„Californiaaaaaa!“ – on Tour with the Scorpions in the Heartland of Hard Rock

Rudolf Schenker at the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook on Mullholland Drive.

The Scorpions made a stop in LA on their farewell tour around the world. Our documentary film crew was on location, and we bring you this report by producer Daniel Remsperger:

“The Scorpions played more than 20 concerts in the United States and Canada this summer. The latest leg of their 2012 Final Sting World Tour took them clear across the US from the West Coast to what may have been their last concert ever in Washington, D.C.

The band’s June 2012 return to Los Angeles, the Heartland of Hard Rock, felt like a home game. More than 20,000 fans filled up the Staples Center to say goodbye to Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda. The five musicians prepared a special set list for their US audience, and brought down the house with a powerful display of on-stage pyrotechnics.

During their stay in California, our Big City Nights crew spent four days and nights tagging along with Germany’s most successful rock band. The Scorpions are used to us by now. We’ve been following them closely on their farewell tour for the past two years, from giant stadium gigs in Brussels, Paris, Bangkok, London and Moscow to intimate recording sessions in Hanover and even to the opening of a Scorpions exhibition at the Rock ‘n Pop Museum in Gronau, Germany.

Their stop in Los Angeles gave Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs a chance to look back and reflect on US tours both present and past. Visiting landmark sites around the city, they spoke of the special relationship they have with their American audience. At the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill, Klaus Meine was reminded of the band’s first visit to California. Looking out over the city from the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook, Rudolf Schenker recalled how one California recording session produced a world hit. And while browsing at the LA Guitar Shop, Matthias Jabs ended up jamming with a Scorpions fan he met at the store.

Our camera team was even allowed to film the band at a location that’s generally off-limits to fans; inside the tour bus. On route from San Diego to Los Angeles, the Scorpions told stories about their more adventurous road trips back in the early days, giving advice on how to avoid road rage.

Once they made it through the snarling California traffic, the five musicians were ready to do what they do best – put on a good show. Klaus Meine got the crowds fired up with his legendary battle cry: Califooorniaaaa!.”

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